Bridal Previews

Updated: Apr 21

Bridal Previews at Blushed Bridal

Booking your Bridal Preview is going to allow you to bring your wedding day vision to life, this will allow you to really see how the final look will come together. We do recommend waiting until you have your venue, wedding date, theme and dress picked out. Having these things will allow you to really bring your bridal beauty vision to life. Instead of wasting time and money on doing multiple bridal previews with multiple artists, it’s best to do your research beforehand and make sure the artists you go with are experts in bridal beauty.

Bridal Previews are booked in 1 to 2 months prior to your wedding date and are only available to our booked brides only. If you are looking for a bridal preview prior to securing your date, you can book in a bridal makeup and hairstyle package. For anyone else in the bridal party looking to secure their bridal beauty look prior to the wedding, they can book it as a bridal party package.

Our Bridal Previews are exclusive to our booked bride only and there are things that you can do to prepare beforehand for your bridal preview appointment. As the bride, you will want to ensure that your skin and hair are prepared properly. We suggest preparing your skin and hair for your bridal preview as well as the wedding day ASAP.

Choosing your Bridal Beauty Look

When choosing your bridal beauty look for your wedding day always remember that choosing photos that resemble yourself is the most ideal. Also, remembering that a lot of photos are photoshopped, edited and models. Remember that not all hair density is the same as photos and adding hair extensions can create a more full look for your hairstyle.

Check out bridal makeup and hair photos to identify what bridal beauty look would be the best fit for you and your wedding day.

Bridal Beauty Looks Board

If you want your skin to be flawless for your bridal makeup (bridal preview and wedding day) you must have a daily AM & PM skincare routine that is fit for your skin type and skin care needs. Also, drinking your daily recommended water intake, your vitamins and minerals and eating a balanced diet can help with improving your skin.