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It is Blushed Makeup & Beauty Bar's passion to take care of each Bride & Bridal Party member with the utmost dedication to bring you our bridal experience; bringing professionalism, organization, and passion from our first interaction all the way to the final "I DO". 

At Blushed Makeup & Beauty Bar what we do is such a personal & customized experience and it differs from each Bride that we work with. Working in the bridal industry we really love to get to know our clients as well as possible to ensure we are both the perfect fit. Your day is what matters most to us and collaborating with is the key to ensuring that your personality is authentically showcased. 

At Blushed Makeup & Beauty Bar we believe that Bridal Makeup & Hair is as much about the process as is the end results. The connection and understanding between the bride and artists are paramount. We don't just do bridal makeup & hair, we give you an amazing luxurious bridal experience throughout your entire engagement, and it will be one that you and your girls will never forget.

Our Bridal Makeup & Hair Glam Squad specializes in bringing you our luxury bridal experience. We are trained and certified in Bridal Makeup & Hair. Between the two of us, we have been in the industry for over 20 years combined, we have also known each other for over 15 years and have been working together for over 7 years now. Our Bridal Makeup & Hair Glam Squads' goal is to combine professionalism with skills, organization, and luxury.


We know how important your wedding day is to you and we want you to know that is it very important to us as well. We continue to take each wedding that we serve with pride, and with a great organization, so that we are able to serve you and your small or large bridal party with our skills and talent.

Getting Makeup & Hair for your Wedding is considered a luxury service, but it should be a must for all Brides and Bridal Parties. This allows you to get ready, look and feel your best with the least stress possible. Allow us to bring our speciality bridal makeup and hairstyling skills to your location, we will get everyone ready in a timely fashion to bring you all to the alter looking and feeling your utmost best. Studio services are also available for those who request them.

Pictures are timeless and you will forever look back on photos of your wedding. Rest assured that we will make sure that you and your bridal party look picture perfect in each image. We only use luxury beauty brands for our makeup, skincare and hair products. This will assure you all that your makeup application will not move all night and your hairstyles will stay put, through hot weather, the dancing, the hugging and kissing and the happy tears.

Blushed Makeup & Beauty Bar's Bridal Makeup & Hair Glam Squad can't wait to bring our speciality luxury bridal services to you and your girls for the wedding day. We are very excited and we can't wait to work together to bring your bridal beauty visions to life. --Blushed Makeup & Beauty Bar

Bridal Makeup & Hair

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BLUSHED Bridal Package

Our BLUSHED Bridal Package includes everything you will need to look and feel your best for your wedding day. Our Blushed Bridal Packages are exactly what everyone needs when you think of Bridal Makeup & Hair. Let us pamper you and your girls so that you can start the day off right and in style. This is our most popular bridal package and everything that is included in our BLUSHED Bridal Package is a facial, bridal makeup, lashes, mini blow out, bridal hairstyle, and a mini touch up kit. This is the perfect bridal makeup & hair package for bridal parties and it is available for bridal parties that have more than 3 ladies for makeup & hair. This package is available for anyone that will be getting makeup & hair done for your wedding, including the bride, bridal party, mother of the bride/groom.

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Our VIP Bridal Package is our exclusive bridal makeup and hair package. Our VIP Bridal Package is our luxury bridal makeup and hair package that is customized and catered to each one of our brides. These luxury treatments are to help you relax and to get you pampered and prepared for the big day that lays ahead. We want each one of our Brides to have the best start to the next chapter in her life and we want to help you put your best face forward. We really recommend this bridal makeup and hair package to each one of our brides because this way you're truly starting your makeup and hair session with a relaxing luxury Blushed Facial and really getting pampered to look and feel your best for your wedding day. Your wedding day can be extremely stressful for most brides, so why not let us take a bit of extra time with you and really set the tone for the rest of the night. Our VIP Bridal Package includes a luxury facial, airbrush makeup, luxury lashes, blow out, bridal hairstyle, hair accessories, and a touch-up kit. 

Bride with Bouquet
Wedding Kiss

Bridal Party Package

Bridal Party Packages are for anyone within the Bridal Party, Mother of the Bride/Groom, Girl's over the age of 12, Junior Bridesmaids, Friends, and anyone else who decides to get their makeup and hair done on the day of the wedding. For the bridal party packages, we do a mini facial, bridal makeup, lashes & bridal hairstyle. If they would like to add a blowout or luxury lashes, a touch-up kit, or anything else to their package, they can do so and the cost of the package will be increased.

Flower Girl Package

Flower Girls love to get their makeup and hair done, especially when they are putting on a beautiful dress. Our Flower Girl Package includes both makeup and hairstyles that she desires, along with a mini facial, mini blow out, and lashes if they would like them. We can also offer just a hairstyle as well for the younger girls. Girls just love to see themselves all done up with makeup and hair.

Men's Grooming

We offer a Men's Grooming Package for the Groom and the men in the bridal party. Men's Grooming is one of the best trends right now. Have everyone in the bridal party, both men and ladies looking and feeling their utmost best for the big day. Men's Grooming Package includes facial, beard trimming/grooming, brow clean up, hair blow out and hairstyle, and light male makeup so that everyone is looking fabulous and shine-free in all the wedding photos.

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Bridal Previews

Booking your Bridal Preview should be done at least a month or more before your big day. Bridal Preview are available to anyone who would like to purchase one. We highly recommend for all Brides to get a Bridal Preview before their Wedding. This way you get to see the desired looks for your Wedding day in real life before the big day. When getting a Bridal Preview you will come into our studio location, we will do a consultation, a facial to prep your skin for a perfect makeup application, we will do your desired makeup application and then we will do a mini blow out to smooth out your hair and we will try at least two hairstyles that you are looking for. This is great for brides who are indecisive, this way you will see first hand what the hairstyle will both look like. Coming in for a Bridal Preview allows you to really see your whole look pulled together, go home and try on your dress to get a better look at everything. This way if there is anything you would like changed for the wedding, you can have plenty of time to do so.  Consultations and Previews are also great to meet with your artist, to get to know each other, and this way your artist has a better understanding of your skin and how to do your makeup and as well as your hair. When we have worked on a client before, it is always easier and faster the next time around. This way we know what we're working with and we know exactly what to do. Try booking your Bridal Preview for your Engagement Photos, this way your killing two birds with one stone.

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Bridal Makeup

Some brides and bridal party members choose to opt-out of a bridal package and get just makeup done. This is always an option for anyone. We provide our bridal makeup packages, this includes a mini facial, bridal makeup, and lashes.

Bridal Hairstyles

Some brides and bridal party members choose to opt-out of our bridal makeup and hair packages and want just bridal hairstyles. This we can do for anyone who chooses to get just bridal hairstyles. Bridal Hairstyles include a mini blow out to smooth out the hair and your bridal hairstyle of your choosing.

Bride in the Woods

Pre-Bridal Esthetics

We offer a variety of Esthetics services to our clients. We want to make sure that you are looking and feeling your best for your wedding. We offer facial treatment packages for our clients, this is something you will need to book prior to and leading up to your wedding. We also offer pre-bridal esthetics exclusively only to our bridal clients and their bridal parties.

Bridal Touch Up Kits

Makeup & Hair Touch Up Kits

Our bridal makeup and hair kits will come loaded with everything you would need to fix your makeup and hair. Also many other last minute supplies that you wouldn't think to bring with you on your wedding day, don't worry we are here to save the night.

Fully Customizable Kits

Our kits come with a bridal basic bag and then you can add on any other products that you would prefer and even certain products that you would like.

Always Be Prepared

Making sure that you have all last minute Bridal needs & making sure to always look on point with your Makeup & Hair.

Makeup with Brushes

Special Services

Touch Ups

On the day of the wedding our Makeup Artist & Hairstylist will be on location throughout the ceremony & reception for all makeup and hair touch ups. Prices vary on size of bridal party and length of stay.

Touch Up Kit

We have touch up kits that are for both makeup and hair. Our brides and bridesmaids can special order their customized touch up kit with us directly. All of our services come with a lipstick touch up but these kits are made for you specifically.

Hair Accessories

We carry a variety of Bridal Hair Accessories on hand to all weddings, but if you would like something specific or a custom order directly contact us and we will get you the best prices possible.

Getting Ready

Bridal Deposit

Booking your Wedding date for your Bridal Party Makeup & Hairstyling Services is a must, it is never to early to book your date. Wedding dates are always filling up quickly, to secure your Wedding date you must fill in your contract and pay your deposit ASAP. All bridal deposits are $100. This deposit is non-refundable and your deposit will be taken off your end total.


Wedding Day

We always bring our services to you on the wedding day. We are located in Sudbury, Ontario and anywhere in Sudbury we do not charge for travel fees.

Out of Town Services

We do travel outside of Sudbury, Ontario. Travel fees are charged for any out of town travelling. For each hour of travel from Sudbury it will cost $50 an hour.

Studio Services

At our studio location we can accommodate you on your wedding day, and we can accommodate a small to large bridal party. Please discuss it with your Bridal Beauty Coordinator to receive more information about hosting your bridal party at the studio location. Some fees may apply.

Bridal Bouquet

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