It is our pleasure and passion to take care of each Bride to be with the utmost dedication to ensure the best possible experience; bringing professionalism and dedication from our first interaction to the final "I DO". We will be there through it all, learning about each detail and everything in between. 

What we do is such a personal experience and it differs from each Bride that we meet. We love to get to know our clients as well as possible to ensure we are a great fit. Your day matters to us and collaborating with you is key to ensuring that your personality is showcased authentically. 

We believe that Bridal Makeup & Hair is just as much about the process as it is the end result. The connection and intuitive understanding between a bride and her artist is paramount. We don't just do your makeup & hair we give you a luxury experience throughout your entire engagment. 

Smiling Bride

Bridal Trials

Trial runs are highly recommended so that we can get to know each other and to establish your final look before the big day. Trial runs are typically done at our Blushed Studio location.

Bridal Makeup & Hair

Brides want their Wedding day to run as smoothly as possible and getting your makeup and hair professionally done. This will allow you to sit back and relax on your big day.

Bride and Bridesmaids


Having your entire Bridal parties Makeup & Hair professionally done is something you should consider. It is a great way for everyone to have a cohesive look on your big day. We have a large team to accommodate any size Bridal party.

Mens Grooming

Now ladies are not the only ones who will be needing to look good on the big day. Mens Grooming is available for the entire bridal party. We will take care of everyhting from hair to skin care and everything inbetween.

Elegant Male

Flower Girls

We do provide makeup and hair for children of all ages that are standing in your Wedding. Having everyone looking fabulous for your big day.

Mother of the Bride/Groom

We do provide Makeup & Hair for the Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom on the day of the Wedding. The mothers will want to look just as fabulous as the Bridal Party.

Just Married

Price List & Services

Every bridal service we provide has been strategically designed to benefit our Brides and her Bridal Party. We wanted to bring as many services as we can to eliminate any stressors before and during your weddings. Our job is to make you and your Bridal Party look and feel stunning on your Wedding day and we are here to just do that. We bring our services to you, on the big day so that all things BEAUTY you will not need to worry about. We wanted to be a one stop shop with all of our services that we bring you. We are also bringing Pre-Bridal Services to your front door, so you can go into your Wedding looking and feeling amazing.


Bridal Packages

Basic Bridal


  • Makeup

  • Hairstyle

Premium Bridal


  • Makeup

  • Hairstyle

  • Lashes

  • Mini Facial

  • Mini Blow Out

  • Mini Lipstick

Platinum Bridal


  • Airbrush Makeup

  • Hairstyle

  • Lashes

  • Facial

  • Blow Out

  • Lipstick

  • Hair Accessories


Bridal Packages

We offer a variety of Bridal Makeup & Hairstyling Packages. Each package is tailored to the Brides we serve. We do our best to offer a wide range of our services to our Brides and their Bridal Party members. There are many more services that we offer our clients then just Makeup & Hairstyling Services, we can provide you & your Bridal Party with a variety of Skin & Esthetic Services, Blow Outs and Treatments, Airbrush Makeup & Men's Grooming. We Also offer many add on services such as lipstick, lashes, touch up kits, hair accessories. We also offer Bridal Touch Up Kits, Tattoo Cover Ups and Touch Up Services. We can also provide you with Pre-Bridal Esthetic Services & Men's Grooming Services prior to your Wedding Day. Facials, Waxing, Brow Styling, Brow & Lash Tint, Hair Treatments, Blow Outs, Manicures & Pedicures.


Bridal Party Packages

Bridal Makeup & Hair Package


Our Bridal Makeup & Hair Package is starting at $120 each for a mini facial, makeup, hairstyle & lashes. You can add airbrush makeup, blow out and facials as well.

Men's Grooming Package


Our men's grooming packages start at $80 each. This includes a facial, hair removal, beard & hair clean up, hairstyle and makeup touch ups.

Flower Girl's Makeup & Hair Packages


Our girl's makeup and hair packages are starting at $80 each. This will include a natural makeup application and a hairstyle of your choice. For just a hairstyle its $40.


Bridal Touch Up Kits

Makeup & Hair Touch Up Kits

Our bridal makeup and hair kits will come loaded with everything you would need to fix your makeup and hair. Also many other last minute supplies that you wouldn't think to bring with you on your wedding day, don't worry we are here to save the night.

Fully Customizable Kits

Our kits come with a bridal basic bag and then you can add on any other products that you would prefer and even certain products that you would like.

Always Be Prepared

Making sure that you have all last minute Bridal needs & making sure to always look on point with your Makeup & Hair.

Makeup with Brushes

Special Services

Touch Ups


On the day of your Wedding both a Makeup Artist & Hairstylist will stay on stand by between ceremony, photos and reception and provide basic touch ups to the entire Bridal Party. Prices may vary on Bridal Party size.

Touch Up Kit


A touch up kit will come with everything you need to touch up your entire Bridal Party. Setting powder and puff, stay all day lipstick and much more included inside your touch up kit. Price ranges may vary according to Bridal Party size.

Hair Accessories


Hair Accessories of your choice can be ordered for you and the entire Bridal Party. Your chosen hair accessory will be ordered and they vary in price ranges. Please consult with your Hairstylist.

Getting Ready

Bridal Deposit

Booking your Wedding date for your Bridal Party Makeup & Hairstyling Services is a must, it is never to early to book your date. Wedding dates are always filling up quickly, to secure your Wedding date you must fill in your contract and pay your deposit ASAP. If your Wedding location is inside of Sudbury, Ontario your Bridal Deposit is $50 and any out of town services (1 hour outside of Sudbury) will be a $100 deposit. This deposit is non-refundable and your deposit will be taken off your end total.


Bridal Trials

Bridal Makeup & Hair


Bridal Makeup & Hair Trials are available for $100. If you've already paid a deposit for your Wedding date then you will receive the bridal makeup & hair trial for 50% OFF at $50 for your trial. All trials take place at our studio location, unless other wise specified. A booking fee will apply at the time of booking $20, unless you have put your deposit down on your wedding daym then no booking fee is required.

Makeup Trial


Makeup Trials are available for $50. All trials will take place at our studio location, unless other wise specified at the time of booking. You will receive a full Makeup trial of the look you desire, along with lashes. A booking fee will apply at the time of booking $15.

Hair Trial


Hair Trials are available for $50. All trials will take place at our studio, unless otherwise specified at the time of booking. You will receive 2 samples of looks that you desire, if you are unsure about hairstyles. A booking fee will apply at the time of booking $15.



Wedding Day

We always bring our services to you on the wedding day. We are located in Sudbury, Ontario and anywhere in Sudbury we do not charge for travel fees.

Out of Town Services

We do travel outside of Sudbury, Ontario. Travel fees are charged for any out of town travelling. For each hour of travel from Sudbury it will cost $50 an hour.

Studio Services

At our studio location we can accommodate you on your wedding day, and we can accommodate a small to large bridal party. Please discuss it with your Bridal Beauty Coordinator to receive more information about hosting your bridal party at the studio location. Some fees may apply.

Bridal Bouquet

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