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Skin Consultations

VIRTUAL Skin Consultations are done over zoom and can be booked by anyone in North America. In your appointment, we will determine your skin type, skin needs, do a skin analysis, create a personalized skincare routine, offer our organic skin care products, teach you how to use them, and base everything on your skin type, needs, and lifestyle.

Kristina Adleina

Skin Care Specialist

Kristina Adleina has been working in the beauty industry for 13 years now and running her own beauty business for 7 years. She has been training and studying skin care for 2 years now, even though she has always worked in beauty & esthetics and done facials and skincare over the years, Kristina has went back to learn everything there is to know about skin, skincare and facials so that she can help assist others in achieving healthy and glowing skin. 

I want to teach both women and men alike about skincare, how to properly take care of their skin and how important it is to have a solid skincare routine with effective products. Anyone can have and maintain clear, healthy and glowing skin right from home.



The Virtual Skin Consultation is for anyone in North America, everything included in this appointment is a skin type quiz, skin analysis, personalized skincare routine, teaching you how to use each product and how to maintain your glowing skin. 

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