Updated: Mar 14


Looking for your dream bridal beauty team should be as easy as 1-2-3. There are a few main characteristics that every bride should be looking for when searching for your bridal makeup and hair team.

The first thing that every bride should do is to check out google for bridal makeup and hair in your area and check out their work or their bridal portfolio or website.

Blushed Bridal Team PORTFOLIO

Be on the lookout for bridal makeup and hair looks that are similar to the one that you envisioned for your wedding day. You want to choose a glam team that can deliver your bridal makeup and hair looks. You also want to find a bridal beauty team that works together already, finding a team that works together means that they have done this many times before and they work together well to bring your bridal beauty vision to life.

Also, having a team that is experienced in bridal makeup and hair and having professionals that work in the bridal industry all the time. Having a professional bridal team that has done makeup and hair for weddings, that can work well under the pressure of delivering bridal makeup and hair on the wedding day is key.

Look for a professional Bridal Beauty Team that is organized, has a wedding day plan and timeline, professionals who are talented and have bridal makeup and hair skills. You will want a team that is not only professional but that is also kind, caring, humble but a team that you can vibe with and a team that will over-deliver on your bridal beauty vision, and finally a team that will be your bridal makeup and hair BFF.


When you book your bridal beauty services with us for your wedding day there is much more that goes into it than just makeup and hair.

From your first initial inquiry to your wedding day services, we are there for it all. We want to make your wedding day run as smoothly as possible.

Request Bridal Beauty Booking.


If your date is available we will secure your booking with a 15% deposit fee and a signed contract. We send all of our brides a full quote by email. Deposit fees are sent by EMT (etransfer) to (AUTO DEPOSITED) You will receive a receipt, your booking along with your contract (to be signed) and info forms in your booking. You will send your bridal party their info form links to fill out.

Bridal Contract

Bridal Info Forms

Bridal Party Info Forms

We create quotes for all of our brides and bridal parties, this will be based on all information provided. For bridal beauty quotes, we need a list of everyone receiving services along with what services they are booking.

Bridal Beauty Quotes Information:

  • Numbers in Bridal Party

  • Services for each (makeup & hair)

  • Bride

  • Bridesmaids

  • Mother of Bride/Groom

  • Flower Girl

  • Location & Address to get ready

Request a Bridal Beauty Quote

All bridal trials are held at our studio location with your bridal beauty artists. We will do a full consultation and your bridal makeup and hairstyle of choice. Once your makeup and hair is done we will then hand you a mirror and leave the room, this way you can pick it apart to see what needs to be changed. We can then make those changes on location and make notes of everything that was done, products used and changes to be made for the wedding day.

Bridal trials are for our brides only, we don't offer bridal trials for bridesmaids or mothers of the bride/groom. Typically if anyone else in the bridal party would like to see their makeup and hair prior to the wedding, they can book in with us for makeup and hair to see their desired look. We only book bridal trials for our brides whose wedding is already booked with us. We will make accommodations for brides who would like a bridal trial before securing their wedding day. But prices will not be discounted as a bridal trial and will be the regular price.


There are bridal info forms and bridal party info forms that are sent out with all bridal beauty bookings, send each member that is receiving services their link to fill out. In there will be all of their personal information along with photos, makeup and hair inspiration photos, and everything we need to know about each lady receiving makeup and hair services.

We use all the information from the bridal info forms from you and your bridal party to create your wedding day plan and timeline for your day. This will have everything from photos for everyone to a detailed schedule and timeline for the day of, start time, e