Guide for a Bride

When you are getting married sometimes it is nice to have a guide for a bride in the various aspects which a wedding entails. It is very normal not to have organised a wedding before and so some kind of guide can really help when knowing what to expect with your wedding.

For your wedding hair and makeup the first step is to secure your date with a hair and makeup artist as soon as you know when and where the wedding will be held. It is common for hair and makeup artists to get booked up far in advance and so the sooner you can enquire, the better. But always send an email no matter what your date as you never know if they may have availability still.

Some makeup artists also have great teams of other professional hair and makeup artists so that when we are booked, we can send you an alternative artist which saves going elsewhere and worrying about the quality of their work. All of my team are incredibly talented and reliable for your wedding day.

Once booked by paying your initial deposit, the next thing is to get a trial date into your diary with your artist. It is