Bridal Makeup Brands

If you were to look in my makeup kit right now you wouldn’t see just one brand name of makeup, you would see all of the best in various brands across the board. I like to pick my favourite product of that brand and that’s usually what I rent to use. I have tried a lot and experimented with all different types of makeup brands and products under the sun and some always come to the top for me.

Most people and brides do ask what makeup brand and I use and what are my favourite ones to use. But I really can’t just limit it down to one or two. So here are my top bridal makeup brands that are my go to.

Mac Cosmetics- using a lot of the Mac foundations and airbrushing foundations are what we tent to use from Mac.

Ben Nye- The Ben Nya banana powder is my favourite for darker skin tones.

RCMA- the no color power for lighter skin tones.

L.A Girl- HD creamed concelears, highlights and contours.