Before Makeup it is important to care for your skin. A gentle skincare routine for your skin type and used AM & PM.

Cleanse the skin to remove oils use a cleanser that is for your skin type. Using warm water and your hands to cleanse your face, work it in with circular motions, rinse it off.

The next step is to gently exfoliate. Avoid all granular exfoliants. Try an enzyme peel that will remove any unwanted dead skin cells and polish the top layer of your skin. Remove the access product.

Next, apply a micellar water. This is a better option than toning. This will remove any access products that could irritate it and to balance out your PH levels.

Allow your face to dry in between steps. All skin types need to put the moisture & hydration back in the skin. If you use serums, you will press it into the skin gently first. Serums are optional and are used for targeted needs.

Choose a moisturizer that is for your skin type, work the moisturizer into your skin, always massaging the skin when applying skincare.

If your skin is lacking moisture or hydration apply a facial oil on top. This will lock in your skincare and will retain the hydration for your skin. Choose a facial oil that is for your skincare needs. This is a humectant and will lock in hydration.

Applying an eye cream around the eyes for hydration. Lip treatments & lip oils will allow the dead skin to be removed and hydrate the lips.