5 Tips for Wedding Lips

On your wedding day, you want your lips to look full, smooth and super kissable. It is easy to achieve when you know how, but getting there is not a quick process.

Firstly, invest in a good lip balm. It is good to exfoliate when necessary and then leave the lip balm on to do its work right at the beginning of your wedding day. That way, when your lips come to be worked on they will be super soft and any product will stay on longer and glide on smoothly for the best wedding lips.

Secondly, I tend to use lip liner for two reasons. One is that it will make the lips appear balanced in shape as you can cheat the lip line so that they appear completely symmetrical. And two is that it will help your wedding lipstick to last longer.

Thirdly, use a lipstick, then blot the lip, and then apply a little more wedding lipstick if necessary afterwards. This will allow you to see the colour when it has settled on the lip and stop any shine from overwhelmin