3 Tips For Wedding Eyes

When you are considering your wedding eye makeup, it is good to consider three important things.

Firstly, if you are a glasses wearer you need to decide if you are going to be wearing them on your big day or if you are going to opt for contact lenses. In my experience, if you do not mind doing either, you will get a much clearer wedding eye makeup look if you choose contact lenses. Do make sure you put them in ahead of the wedding eye makeup application.

This will ensure that you do not smudge the eye makeup when you are putting the lenses in.

Secondly, consider your eye shape when choosing that all important wedding eye makeup. There are certain techniques that suit differing eye shapes. Take a look on google if you do not know what your eye shape is as you should be able to work it out based on likenesses from descriptions you can see on there. This will then guide you as to what wedding eye makeup will enhance your eyes.